Monday, September 26, 2011

Story Behind the Song #1-Goodbye my Beautiful Ocean

Goodbye my Beautiful Ocean was written before the world was round. My marriage was dependable as the dawn, California’s economy buzzed away in its hive, and Sunday’s biggest dilemma was where to go for lunch after church. My friends got together and rented a house called Sea Breeze in Bodega Bay to spend two nights and three days lounging, cooking, and eating with an ocean view.
The soul of that trip waited silently to be discovered on the path carved into the bluff leading down to the ocean.  A natural wedding processional with flower girl vines strewing silver beach lupines and yellow seaside fiddle necks, down it led curving with solemn steps on driftwood stairs and sandy soil; muffled breath until the altar.
The sea and I were a happy honeymoon couple, even with others around everything was a secret smile between lovers. We relaxed for hours eyes closed and ears tuned to the dreamy static of wind and waves. Novels, sandcastles, and picnics, all unfolding in the loving, loose embrace of the ocean.
Driving east on Queen Anne’s lace lined roads, my skin still tingled with the salty breeze like a lingering kiss. I grabbed my notebook and wrote these lyrics before hitting the dry brown expanse of the Sacramento valley. 

Goodbye, my beautiful ocean
Goodbye, my beautiful sea,
I drank up all of your goodness,
I ate up all of your dreams
Hey, goodbye

Goodbye, my beautiful ocean,
Goodbye, my beautiful sea,
I loved your study of movement
Your voice singing wild and free
Hey, goodbye

Goodbye, my beautiful ocean,
Goodbye, my beautiful sea,
And though my heart should be breaking
I’m still riding high on your peace

It seems you’ve written me a message
Upon my secret self within
You tell me that your waves are waiting
Until at last we meet again
Well, goodbye

When I listen I can hear how solidly the song rests on that time frame’s foundation, the bright anticipation and certainty of wonder.  I’m still surprised that one of my earliest songs holds up as one of my musical and lyrical favorites.
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Goodbye my beautiful ocean - Karen Joy Brown

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